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The Bulwark

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The Bulwark
Location Aldwynn
Drops Winged Aura
Health Points Hope
Health ??? Hope ???

The Bulwark, or also known as the Bulwark of Aldwynn, is a immortal in Death's Gambit.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Bulwark symbolizes the half-way point of the game. Before he can be defeated him, the player must explore the other areas to gain strength.
As he guards the abandoned city from anyone attempting to trespasse it, he will use his unbelievable strong power to defeat those who are brave enough to fight him.

In the church in Aldwynn, the stained glass above the Player pictures Bulwark being overthrown by the Humans in red, meaning that the inhabitans of Aldwynn once defeated this immortal.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Upon fighting this creature, the player will be staggerd by seing the amount of attack-moves this immortal has compared to others.
The Bulwark moves differ from one another and do not really follow a scheme that the Protagonist can adapt to. When the Player to defeats him, he will drop various items, such as the Winged Aura, as one of the phases of the Bulwark involves him activating this aura.

Gallery[edit | edit source]