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Location Various
Drops Specter's Cape
Health Points Hope
Health Unknown Hope Unknown

Specters are enemies in Death's Gambit.

Description[edit | edit source]

Shades which sometimes suck the life out wretches.

They have a strange tongue that comes out of their chest and an immunity to most damage types while in the dark.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Specters are immune to physical and fire damage. Try lightning damage or energy weapons. You may also make them vulnerable by throwing a Sun Stone near them.

Specters also seem to have a debuff which causes you to face the wrong direction after some attacks. This can lead to mistakes while air dashing.

Specters have a few attacks

Tongue Lash: The specter does a simple low damage attack with its tongue

Vortex: The specter summons a vortex which will drag you in then after a short while it will explode dealing very high damage and knocking you back.

Spirit Skull: The specter throws a green skull at you dealing high damage and shocking you and leaving you open for other enemies to hit

Specter 2.png