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Phoenix Plume

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Phoenix Plumes are restorative items in Death's Gambit.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Plumes are located inside Phoenix Plume Chests.
Opening Phoenix Plume chests requires the Player to not use any Phoenix Plumes until they arrive at the chest.

Phoenix Plumes are also found across the map, generally after Immortal fights

General Information[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Plume are obtainable healing items, that can be restored at save points. If the player dies, he will lose a Phoenix Plume were the Protagonist perished, which can be obtained back. Player can also decide at the Shrine if they want to reduce or increase their number of Phoenix Plume charges for additional/decreased damage output. There exist multiple types of Phoenix Plume, all having different health restore methods.

Phoenix Plumes[edit | edit source]

Image Name Effect
Phoenix 1.png
Lucent Phoenix Plume Restores 120 health when consumed.
Phoenix 2.png
Radiant Phoenix Plume Restores 240 health over a span of 12 seconds.
Phoenix 2.png
Glowy Phoenix Plume Restores 80 health over a span of 14 seconds and Haste is increased by 250.
Phoenix 3.png
Crystal Phoenix Plume Damage decreased by 50% and 150 health restored.