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Monster Relics

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Monster Relics
Monster Relic.png
Multiple spots
Helps the player for the fight against the Immortal.

Monster Relics are collectible items in Death's Gambit.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Monster Relics are hidden all over the world and will help players defeat the Immortals when collected. These Relics are magical books, which hover on the ground. Upon approaching it, the book will open itself and disappear, indicating the player has collected it

Each boss has 3 pertaining to them:

Having 1 Relic gives the Player 5% increased damage against the boss and lets the Player see the boss's health bar.
Having 2 Relics gives the Player 15% increased damage against the boss and phase change indication.
Having 3 Relics gives the Player 20% increased damage against the boss and ??. (currently unknown)

Gallery[edit | edit source]