Jean Canellas

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Jean Canellas
Official profile3.png
Position Programmer, Lead Designer, Combat Design Warlock
Twitter @JeanCanellas

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Jean Canellas is the Programmer and Lead Designer at White Rabbit.


Jean Canellas is 23 year old programmer, born in Puerto Rico and currently residing in Los Angelas, California. Graduated from the USC School of Cinematic, Jean has been a designer on several titles such as the Real-time strategy game[1] The Maestros and previously as an design intern at a mobile game company Backflip Studios.

Past Games

  • The Maestros[2]
  • Dwarven Den[3]
  • Ninjump Rooftops[4]
  • Hubris[5]
  • Intrusion 2 (Cancelled)
  • Out of Element[6]