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Bow of Cinders

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Bow of Cinders
Bow of Cinders.png
Ground Damage 2-21
Arial Damage 2-21
Fire Damage 88 damage over 7 seconds.
Magical Damage -
Critical Damage ???
Stat Bonus
Req. Stats
Vitality Strength Finesse Endurance Intellect Haste Fear
- - - - - - -
- - 10 - - - -
Weapon Type Bow

The Bow of Cinders is a weapon in Death's Gambit.

In-Game Description

A magic infused bow that can arc arrows and deals damage based on charge time. Enemies take 88 additional fire damage over 7 seconds.
An elegant bow that burns with the brilliance of a solare flare. The Covenant of the Flame mentions such a weapon in its scriptures, and is surely a sought after artifact.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately The exact Location of this weapon is unknown.

About the Bow of Cinders[edit | edit source]

See main Article: Bows

Unfortunately there isn't any Information regarding the Thief Blades known.